How much does it cost for a 1-1 home tutoring?

We charge from HK$400-600 per hour.

Does tutoring larger groups cost more?

Yes, we can do larger groups and the rate depends on the size of the group.

Where is the playgroup located?

Our teachers do in-house playgroup, so the young children do not have to travel. They can enjoy their playgroup in their most familiar and most comfortable place – “Home” . We bring the whole playgroup setting to your house.

I provide my house for the playgroup, then who will come?

We are not responsible for grouping students, but please find your neighbours, friends or classmates of your child to set a group.

How much does it charge for 1 child in the group?

We charge $158 for 1 child for a 4- child group.

Will there be a limitation in number of children in a playgroup?

In order to get the best result, we limit it to a maximum number of 4 children.

How much does it cost for the service of Mandarin speaking nannies?

Depending on the hours and the frequency of visit you book, the rate is from $188 per hour.

Does it cost more to care for more than one child?

For child care service, we treat a family as one unit, so the rate remains the same no matter how many children in your family. However, in order to get the best result, we suggest the nanny takes care of 2 kids at one time.