"Anita has taught me Chinese since I was aged 10 and switching to a school with a more rigorous. Initially I was terrified but Anita helped me catch up to my new classmates. I am now 15 years old and into my final year of the GCSE course. With Anita's help, I feel confident in my Chinese ability and now consider the language my favourite subject!"

(Anjali Bery, GSIS)

“Anita has taught me for eight years now; she has helped build my confidence in my spoken mandarin and improved my writing skills. I have enjoyed learning with Anita, she adapts to my learning pace.”

(Karina Skinner, FIS)

“Studying with Anita each week has been a great help. We review my school work and she helps me prepare for upcoming verbal and written evaluations at school. Anita always makes sure I understand the material and she challenges me to think beyond what I have learned in school. My writing has really improved with Anita's help.”

(William Fletcher, HKIS)

“I met Anita when I was just beginning Mandarin and she has been my weekly tutor for six years. She is always fun and enthusiastic and has helped me develop into a stronger Mandarin student. I am not longer nervous about speaking Mandarin. We go over my school work and she helps me study for school tests. I look forward to seeing her every week.”

(Josephine Fletcher , HKIS)

"Anita has taught me Mandarin (spoken and written) for the last 2 years. I enjoy her lessons because she teaches at a pace that is easy to follow, and although we get through a lot of work it is also fun. At the end of each topic we play a game to test how much I have understood, which also helps my spoken Mandarin."

(Calum McKeown , FIS)

“Anita Jie Jie has been tutoring me ever since I was 4 years old; our lessons are always filled with laughter! Thanks to her I managed to obtain an A* in the Cambridge IGCSE Chinese Language B examined course!”

( Alicia Siew, Shatin College)

“I look forward to my tutoring sessions with Anita. She makes learning Mandarin fun and I have improved my grade at school.”

( Marshall Tory, HKIS)

"I have been taught by Anita for 6 years and have thoroughly enjoyed my weekly lessons. When I first started all I knew was simple vocabulary but now I am able to conduct a conversation comfortably. I admire the way she teaches mandarin as she always tries to make the lessons enjoyable and fun."

(Oliver Nicholas, GSIS)

“My Mandarin session with Anita is a highlight of Saturday. I am learning a lot and doing well at school.”

( India Tory, CIS)