“My children have been students of Anita since we arrived in Hong Kong four years ago. I am happy to say, I cannot give enough praise to Anita.

She is dedicated, creative, fun and very encouraging to her students. My eight year old daughter literally squeals with delight when she sees Anita on her tutor day. Anita makes mandarin fun through games, occasional cooking, and little memory tricks. She takes initiative to keep the children up to speed with whatever school curriculum they are following.

We have used Anita for an intensive summer session as well, and she didn't disappoint. She created fun outings and kept two teenage boys engaged for hours on end. Anita is a truly gifted teacher and if you have found her, you are lucky”

--The Massey family          

    “My two children, age 4 and 10, have been enthusiastic learners of Mandarin from Call-a-tutor. Particularly, my older daughter, has become more excited about Chinese just when her interest was flagging after 8 years of previous study.

The quality of teaching is superb, authentic and yet fun! Our teacher, Ellen Zhao, mixes up reading, writing with plenty of games and even casual talking. This is what makes working this tutorial service very engaging for my children. I noticed an improved energy and curiousity towards Chinese.

Thank you for devoting your time to opening up a new world to my children!“

--The Santiago family          

    “Anita is an excellent tutor. My children adore her; she makes learning Mandarin fun and she has significantly improved their writing and oral skills.”

--The Tory family          

    “Miss Anita has been teaching my three children Mandarin for over 4 years, and they are always pleased to see her. With the aid of games and arts and crafts, she makes Chinese not only easy to follow and learn, but fun and interesting too.”

--The Abate family          

     “Our two children (aged 14 & 11 years old) have had weekly, individual, hour-long Mandarin tutorials with Anita for the past six years. Together they review the week's school work, prep for upcoming tests and review the material in greater depth to be sure they have a solid understanding. Anita has always provided excellent instruction in an enjoyable manner that has helped our children excel and develop a love of Mandarin. They look forward to their weekly time with Anita.

The tutorials have given our children an advantage in learning and achieving high academic standards in Chinese.”

--The Fletcher family          

     “We have used a Mandarin tutor from Call-A-Tutor for almost a year.

Ms.Anita introduced Ms. Ma to help our daughter's (4,6 yo) to learn Mandarin. Ms. Ma is very patient to teach small kids. Not only look after school work and daily conversation but also teaches Chinese culture and poems which is very important if you want to know the language deeply. Ms. Ma brings different materials to make it fun to teach."

-- The Noyes family